There’s truth in the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Artful graphics, enhanced with informational text, provide your visitors and clients with valuable information about you and your business. Marketing and promotional graphics include brochures, posters and banners for trade show exhibits, event flyers, book covers – you name it.

When do you call me?

  • When those images you’ve collected just won’t cooperate with your theme to create a colorful, attractive piece that reflects your vision, your message.
  • When your in-house CAD drafter is on vacation and a client’s construction drawings for the planning board must be submitted next week.
  • When you have a lifetime of photographs and need a collage honoring your mother at her 90th birthday party.
  • You have an image in your mind of your finished product or program.
  • Your words establishing your vision lie on the page, flat and lifeless.
  • You want fresh, unusual programming for your historical society’s cultural calendar, so you won’t have to book that same old lecture on vacationing in Italy.
  • Your ideas are bogged down.

I’ve drawn since I could hold a pencil. Although horses were my favorite, any animal was fair game. Whatever caught my eye ended up on paper, stone, plaster, wood, whatever lent itself to the medium – pencil, crayon, ink,  charcoal, pastel, watercolor, acrylic.

My concept of visual arts expanded to include maps, which professionally led into drafting, first by hand and then by computer. My living history activities prompted my Civil War portrayal of a topographical engineer in the Union army. I reproduce period maps using period drafting tools. Some of these remain unchanged in design from Roman days.

Various jobs taught me about graphic design and development of marketing materials like trade-show posters, brochures, and business cards. I’ve designed and built two websites, but I don’t have a natural affinity for electronics, so I leave the internal digital work to those with the passion for it.

I’ve designed five book covers, for my two novels and one for my non-fiction work-in-progress (Beyond End of Watch), and the other two for fellow writers: Dakota Flight (2014), a WWII aviation novel by Paul Wankowicz, and Cornfields to Codfish (2019), a collection of personal essays by Linda Malcolm.

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