Not Entirely An Ill Wind

The past month or two has been an odd season for me, yet I can find reasons to count my blessings. Maybe you can, too, if you look around, instead of despairing over the global panic, which bears no fruit.

I broke my arm in early February, both bones in the forearm, requiring surgery to repair. My first surgery ever, my first cast ever. A blessing: it was my left arm, and I’m right-handed, meaning that I was able to drive myself again within three weeks. Had it been the right arm, I’d still be relying on friends and colleagues to ferry me about for the next month or two, since my car is a stick-shift.

My place of employment is undergoing the same isolation efforts to reduce or eliminate exposure among staff from the potential spread of the Covid-19 virus. Another blessing: My team can do our work entirely electronically, including meetings, so we’ve each set up a space at home to work, limited but workable. I am praying for ways in which we, individually and collectively, can assist those who can’t take their work home.

Maybe another blessing is that if we learn from this whole situation, then we will be better prepared for when a truly dire situation arises.

Go well, my friends, apply common sense, and stay safe.


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