I can no longer use the following items as excuses for not posting any blogs recently:

The old computer died, and I am still working to get used to the new one and get everything set up. I’m still missing some programs, and some email accounts still won’t send.

There’s all that cooking to do before Christmas – all those goodies that I make every year – chocolate nut slices, butter crunch, Scottish oat cakes, pecan-stuffed apricots, oatmeal bread, etc.  Mmmmmm!

I wrote a bunch of devotionals for the advent season at our church.

Lots of holiday gatherings with family, friends, food, and fun.

I’m still job-hunting. There’s an inverse relationship between the time it takes to hunt for jobs and the number of jobs posted out there for which I qualify. (But the current horizon is looking more positive in this department!)

I’ve been trying to get the basement straightened out – it’s been in a state of chaos since last March’s sewer back-up. And it would be nice to build a few more shelves down there to store all my canning jars …

I could go on with more excuses, but I’m not going to dig them up and list them here. It’s a new year, and time to get crackin’!

One New Year’s resolution: Post to this blog regularly again. I’ve got one lined up for later this week, about Charles Sumner. Hope you enjoy it.

Anybody out there willing to share a New Year’s Resolution with me?

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